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Vladimir Tod

Post  Vladimira Todd on Sat Sep 25, 2010 11:00 pm

Charrie Form:

Name:Vladimir Tod
Grade(Middle school guys):7th Grade
Body Typ:Very Thin
Powers:Mind Reading, Speed, Hearing, Strength, knowing when a vampire near her is, talking to other vampires through thoughts
Mom:Madeline Tod, Regular Mortal
Dad:Tomas Tod, Vampire
Any siblings:Vladimira Tod, his twin sister who is laso a half vampire
Life Before LNS*:Vladimir was in a regular elementary school. He was ignored by most students, and some of his teachers. She was there with her sister, Vladimira, and they usually were bullied.
His mother and father died in a fire in their home. Now he lives with his Aunt Nelly. Nelly is a nurse at the Hospital near by and fed him donated blood from the hospital. He knows little of his past so far. All he has is a journal belonging to his father that can only be opened by a vampire, and when he does, his eyes flash a deep lavander.
RP Example*:Vladdy stopped dead in her tracks. She stared at a pale person, his veins visible the slightest bit . She was staring in hunger at his neck, the blkue vein pumping blood through his body, making him a fresh warm meal. "Vladdy." I whispered to her. She winced. She snappe dout of. I smirked. "Lunch is in a an hour." I told her. She nodded slightly and pulle dher hood up and ran out to herher second period class in aflahs. I sighed and smiled. My fangs wanted to sink int something fresh and tasty. I held them back into my gums. I ran off aswell into my second period class. Math. Great.
*Can walk in sunlight, glitters the sligtest bit. and he hates glitter.
*Drank from a human when he was six tasting the blood by accident, Henry a human was cut on his shoulder, and Vladimir went crazzy
*Does nt consider himself goth
*He goes as Vlad:
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Re: Vladimir Tod

Post  Aze Cluzt on Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:54 am

Dude. this is Vladdy's forum with hes name on it. big NO NO

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