TR's Charrie Form

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TR's Charrie Form

Post  TotalitarianRegime on Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:39 pm

Name: Deimos Avalon
Grade(Middle school guys): 8th
Gender: Male
Hair: Long brown hair, down past his shoulders
Eyes: Dark/grey eyes, but nobody cares because he wears purple sunglasses.
Body Typ: Tall, semi-athletic
Species: Human-Demon Hydrid
Powers: Minor fire control, increased power and speed
Mom: Demon succubis
Dad: Stupid human who unwittingly had a child with a demon (I mean, seriously? wtf?)
Any siblings: Nope.
Life Before LNS: Deimos was brought up by his mother, and was raised in squalor and poverty until his mother finally saved up enough money to send him here.
RP Example: Deimos kicked open the classroom door. "Sorry I'm late," said Deimos as he slid into an empty chair, "just woke up. Miss anything important?"
Notes: Can anyone spell "Arrogant"? Pretty much sums Deimos up nicely.


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