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Grace alexander

Post  Aze Cluzt on Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:48 pm

Name:Grace Alexander
Grade(Middle school guys):6th
Eyes:sparkling silver in the day golden at night
Body Typ:slim and fit
Species:Totem Changer
Powers:Can change into her totem or spirt cat wicht is a sabber tooth tiger with wings and in the day time is golden with black spos and silver strips but at night silver with black spots with golden strips, and can summon spirts.
Mom:Nancy Alexander, human
Dad:Jack Alexander Human
Any siblings:Jackie and Madie
Life Before LNS*:She lived with her faimly during the school year but a pull in her brought her ever summer to the school. She lived on the school grounds and in the school during the sumer. She has a crush on a student named Parker and called him Plaid Mango.She knows the place inside and out.
RP Example*:I wlak in behind Ally and Lizzy. I hated Lang. Arts SO muich! oh well have to deel with it. Parker ran into me. 'Oh Sorry" he said and wlaked off.

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